How To Write A Great Ad?

how to writer great ads

Any business must reach out to its potential clients to survive in the long haul. In the modern world, the best way to do it is by advertising. Advertising is multiplied selling allowing you to reach more people faster than would a salesman do.

For the advertising to give you the best return on investment, (ROI) it needs to be written in a way that it can be measured.

That means you don’t throw your ad on radio and pray that it will work. Rather you write an ad with a specific call to action. The ad would work best when it has an expiry period. At the end you measure the ROI and instantly know whether you have a home run or not.

Now how do you write an ad that makes you money when you have no money to hire a copywriter? Well there are 4 things an ad must do to be successful.

Make someone crave for  a product or service

When you write an ad whether online or offline, it will only get the attention of readers or viewers if it offers a benefit that the reader is looking for. People buy goods or service because they solve one or several problems for them. A beauty lotion will make a person look beautiful, younger and feel good.

A sports car makes a person feel successful and adored. A holiday makes a person relax, rejuvenate and have fun. An ad needs to put these benefits upfront.

And one of the best ways to make someone crave for a product is to start with a powerful headline. A good headline is one that is unique, ultra-specific, useful and urgent.

A headline is the most important part of an ad and the better it grabs, communicates and lures the reader the more it is likely to sell. Here are eight categories of headlines you can write.

Direct Headlines- This is the type that tells the readers directly what it is all about. For instance…

a)      The best book you will ever read.

b)      Calls at 10 cents anytime, to anywhere in the world!

c)      24 Carat Gold Rings – 30 Percent Off.

An Indirect Headline – This one as the name suggest takes a more subtle approach. It provokes the reader’s mind to find out the answers in the body copy.

a)      7 sure-fire ways to more money online.

b)      They laughed when I launched my online business but today they pay me to teach them  the secrets of success.

c)       Sexy legs while you wait.

News Headline- Sneaks news into the headline. What is news depends on various factors like the audience, product or breakthroughs. A product announcement can be news. An interview with a well-known personality can be news and even a price reduction. Take a look at these.

a)      Now, scientist discovers a formula for looking 20 years younger.

b)      At last!  500Mps download speed for your internet

c)      New diet burns off fat even as you watch the America Idol.

d)     Announcing . . . The new bald cure that Scientists say is the first of its kind.

The How to Headline– Perhaps these are the most common headlines. And when you are not sure, this is probably the best way to start a headline

a)      How a 12-year old started a business online and sold it for $12 million in just 14 months.

b)      How to tell if you husband is cheating on you.

c)      How to make a million dollars in just one year.

d)     How to get your dream job in just 48 hours.

A Question Headline –To write a headline with a question requires a little creativity. You need to ask questions that intrigue the readers. Get the questions that make them curious, inadequate or angry and cause them to read. Examples…

a)      Do you close the bathroom door even when you’re the only one home?

b)      Who else wants to make $10,000 monthly from home?

c)      Do you make these interview mistakes?

d)     Can you keep a secret?

The Command Headline- These types boldly tells the reader what to do. For instance…

a)      Read this or go broke.

b)      Read this or die.

c)      Don’t read this if you are not yet rich.

Reasons why- This is also a strong way of writing headlines. Take a look at this…

a)      Why 1000 people paid $10,000 to listen to this man.

b)      Why I will pay you $2,400 to unsubscribe from my email list.

c)      5 reasons why you will vote democrats.

You will realize that sometimes people combine two headlines types. For instance a news headline combined with a ‘How to headline’ or a command headline with a reasons why. The most important thing is to but a benefit upfront in the best way possible to the right audience.2

Explain all the reasons why this brand is the only one to be considered

If you have written the best headline possible, then the next thing is to write the best body copy ever possible. You do this by explaining to your reader why you have the only product that serves his or her interests. There is no standard form of doing this. Perhaps the best way to explain it is by examples.

‘You see, the Wall Street Journal is a unique publication. It’s the country’s only national business daily. Each day it is put together by the world’s largest staff of business-news experts.’

That was a letter for the readers to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. You can see from the wording how the writer attempts to differentiate the newspaper from others and makes you feel like you will be miss something should you opt not to subscribe.

Now here is another example that attempts to make a brand the only one to consider.

‘’By accepting this invitation, you become a part of a special group of people all over the globe whose enthusiasm and curiosity about the world is enriched by belonging to the society. Membership is an open invitation to investigate the world…to see infinite variety, color, and richness of the universe.’’

That is no doubt unique way to enhance the brand name of the National Geographic. Let look at one more example, this time of a car ad…

‘‘At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock’’ What makes a Rolls-Royce car in the world? ‘‘There is really no magic about it- it is merely patient attention to detail,’’ says an eminent Rolls-Royce engineer.

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Make  the ad  feel urgent

The human nature is to postpone things. If it is not urgent then we can as well do it tomorrow, most people will tell themselves. However, when tomorrow comes most people will have forgotten. To beat this pain/ pleasure syndrome in most people, your ad needs to feel urgent. Urgency makes people know that they are likely to lose something should they not cat by a certain date or time.

So how do ads feel urgent?

You make the ad urgent by limiting the numbers. Here are there examples…

  • The special introductory price of $27 is only available for the first 100 warriors only. Actually I want in the coming months to stop selling the book. I’ll instead ask people to join a paid monthly membership forum where I’ll teach the contents of the book and much more. So before that happens order now.
  • The special deluxe rooms facing the seafront are only 78. Already 45 and gone and if you do not act quickly, you may miss getting the room that lets you view the blue clear  waters of the Pacific ocean as you enjoy a cool drifting and refreshing  breeze .
  • Only 50 seminar seats are available at this deeply-discounted price. As soon as they are gone, you will pay $2000-double the price. Acting immediately safes you at least $1,000. Plus, you get a chance to listen to a man the CNN calls the ‘Millionaire maker’.

You make the ad urgent by having a deadline. Look at these examples…

  • Remember- this Dutch Auction ends on December 22, xxx. Don’t let the best items slip away from you at these unbeatable auctions prices by hesitating.  Your bids will be held by unprocessed credit cards info or uncashed check until the auction round is closed. You have nothing to lose…if you don’t get the ‘rock bottom’ low price you want there is no charge to your credit card-or your uncashed  check will be returned.
  • I know you are skeptical. After all, what I’m saying is probably contrary to what you’ve heard from your friends, your family, and your teachers and maybe everyone else you know. I can only ask you one question.

How many of them are millionaires? So it is up to you.

A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older-or you can be on your way to getting rich. You decide.

  • Xxxx normally costs $5000 for one year. But I want to personally encourage you to join right now. If you sign up within the next 24 hours, I’ll take a full $2000 off your enrollment fee. You can get ayear’s worth of xxxx conference calls for only$3000. And you’ll get access to all of our pass recommendation for free.

Here are others ways of infusing urgency…

  • We’ve ordered enough FREE CREEL—we think—to meet the anticipated response. But they are likely to go fast, so why risk waiting months while we re-order? Since your creel will be shipped as soon as you pay for your subscription, why not get it immediately by enclosing payment now?
  • Once again, the time to take advantage of offshore investing strategies is right now. By the time you see one of these locomotives bearing down on your nest egg, it is going to be too late. Pick up that nest move it! You are its guardian, and it’s up to you!

    Give all the information needed to make a purchase or take action now

Every ad should have all the information that readers require to make a decision. Ever single benefit starting with the biggest should be mention. Every feature should be mentioned. However, because of the cost of space in newspapers, the best way is to mention the most potent features and benefits or direct people to website where one is able to tell the entire story.

Sometimes it is the least important feature or benefit that makes people make a buy decisions. In other times is the number of features that make a change. It is like piling sand; often it is the last drop that makes and avalanche. So tell it all you never know where the effect will come from.